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Posted Sunday, November 09, 2008 by Shay Dean
Dear Parents,
            We are extremely excited about the start of the basketball season. Winning the GSHL 4A boy’s championship was a highlight last year but 2007-08 presents a new set of challenges. We are looking for a new wave of young men to take on this challenge and we will have an excellent group tryout who will be competing for the 3 teams offered at Mountain View.
            At this time we would like to cover the criteria for team selection and the tryout process. Your son will need to be dressed and ready in basketball attire only on Tuesday Nov 17th at   at 4:30. The first week of practice we will be on the late schedule which is 5:30- 7:45  Being selected to the basketball team is a very competitive situation due to the small numbers of boys we are able to keep. We are currently trying to bring back the sophomore program so we can give more kids the opportunities to participate but at this time we only have the three teams.
Criteria for selection to this years team will be as follows. Our staff puts an equal value on each area with the exception of eligibility.
            Academics- players must maintain 2.00 GPA throughout the semester in order to play the season.
Skill Level- players need to have mastered most basketball skills needed to compete at the high school
            Team Attitude- basketball is a team sport and our program puts an extreme value on the ability
                           of our young men to work with teammates and coaches in problem solving,
                           team building and motivational tasks..
            Potential for Growth: younger players who may develop with physical growth .
            The selection process will take place and your son will be evaluated by all four of our basketball staff members. We will meet individually with your son if they wish and inform them on whether they have been selected to the team. If they have not, we will provide areas of improvement we would recommend for future improvement. We will also have available information about winter leagues your son may be able to play in.
We will hold the 17th annual Blue & Silver Scrimmage on  the second weekend  of the season [ Nov 29th . At this time we will have our parent meeting. Your attendance at this meeting is very important to the success of our program and meets one of the criteria for your son to letter on the C, JV and Varsity teams.  You will get to see a fun scrimmage, hear an official’s clinic and have cake, coffee and soda while your son hoops it up.
Finally we would like to commend your son for participating in this year's tryouts. It is a challenging and risk taking endeavor to step into the arena and compete. We hope this is a learning experience for your son and one he can use in his future accomplishments. Please sign below as your son will need to return this letter to Room 322 [Mr. Cranston’s room] by Nov 10thh.
                                                                        Sincerely ,
Mike Cranston & Boy's Staff
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